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Winthrop A. Smith

Hall of Fame


Inducted 1968


Yale University

Winthrop "Pinky" Smith was a star center on the Yale lacrosse team for three years and was selected on the All-American Team in 1930 and 1931. In 1930, he played on the all-star team that represented the United States in the Canadian Lally Cup Series. He played on the Yale freshman team, which was Big Three Champion in 1928, and on the varsity teams, which were Big Three Champions in 1929 and 1931. He was captain on the Yale team.

In 1932, Pinky was junior varsity lacrosse coach at Yale. He took over as freshman coach the next year, and then for two years was varsity coach. After World War II, he returned to Yale as varsity coach for the season of 1947. He accompanied the Yale team to England in 1950 and remained active in lacrosse at Yale in an advisory capacity. He was active in encouraging Choate School and Milford Academy to form lacrosse teams and in 1961 helped in bringing the Oxford-Cambridge lacrosse team to the United States.

Pinky was born in 1907 and graduated in 1926 from Milford High School, where he was captain of the football team for three years and where he was a member of the basketball, baseball and track teams for three years. Spending a year at Milford Academy, where he played football and baseball, he entered Yale in 1927 and received his BA degree in 1931.

Always a resident of Milford, Connecticut, he was the town's first Eagle Scout and had three sons, all of whom were Eagle Scouts. He continued a deep interest in the Boy Scouts. Active in community affairs, Smith was Commander of the Milford American Legion Post, president of the Milford Rotary Club and chairman of the Milford Chapter of the American Red Cross. He was made manager of a junior league baseball team in 1947 and in 1952 was captain of the Milford Badminton Team, which won the Class "C" State Championship. He served in the Connecticut National Guard from 1928 to 1937.

In World War II, Major Smith served in the European Theater of Operations 794th A.A. as intelligence officer, and was, after the war, Battalion Commander of the 439th, A.A.A. Married in 1935 to Louise Moulton, the Smiths had three sons, all who worked at George J. Smith & Son, where their father was senior vice president.