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Program Leader Rebrand Resources

Rebrand Resources

In May 2021, we officially rebranded from US Lacrosse to USA Lacrosse. We are “USA” Lacrosse because our pursuit to elevate the sport at the elite level and our promise to support our youngest players’ dreams are harmonious in our overall mission. One logo will speak for our singular brand moving forward, serving as the mark for USA Lacrosse, the U.S. National Team and the USA Lacrosse Foundation.

As a Program Leader and a representative of USA Lacrosse, it’s important to provide the best experience to our USA Lacrosse members and the lacrosse community. Below are some helpful steps for you to take to ensure your program is accurately representing the new USA Lacrosse brand.

  1. Change all “US Lacrosse” or “USL” mentions on your website and in all printed, digital and onsite collateral to “USA Lacrosse”.
  2. Contact your Regional Manager to receive your new USA Lacrosse Style Guide and logo assets.
  3. Check all the links to the USA Lacrosse website on your program’s website to make sure they are all working correctly. The new USA Lacrosse website is now found at
  4. If any USA Lacrosse links are not working on your website, below is a recommended list of new USA Lacrosse resources and links to use on your website:

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Regional Manager and they can assist you.

Regional Managers