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U.S. Men All-Time Rosters

All-Time World Championship Rosters

1967 U.S. Men's Roster

The quadrennial men’s world lacrosse championship finds its roots in a 1967 international tournament in Toronto that was staged as part of Canada’s centennial celebration. The Mount Washington Lacrosse Club from Baltimore represented the United States in the four-team invitational and won the event.

1967 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. College
2 Steve "Lucky" Mallonee M Johns Hopkins
3 Bob Miser A Army
5 Alvin "Buzz" Krongard M Princeton
6 John Beatson M Denison
8 George Boynton A Williams
10 Ab Tiedemann M Maryland
11 Bob Schlenger A Virginia
13 Jim Kappler G Maryland
14 James "Hy" Levasseur M Virginia
15 Bob Silverwood A Virginia
16 Kent "Skip" Darrell A Johns Hopkins
17 Joe Seivold M Washington College
18 Al Seivold M Johns Hopkins
19 Jim Lovell A Baltimore
20 Frank Riggs D North Carolina
21 Patrick Hamilton M Maryland
23 Tom Biddison M Johns Hopkins
24 Gene Reckner D Maryland
26 Mike Koch D Virginia
27 Gene Fusting A Washington College
29 Furlong Baldwin D Princeton
30 Dutch Ruppersberger D Maryland
32 Bob Merrick   Yale
  Tim Goertemiller   Maryland


Head Coach: Ben Goertemiller

1974 U.S.Men's Roster

1974 U.S. Men's Roster

The International Lacrosse Federation was formed in 1974 and hosted the first formal men’s world championship in 1974 (Melbourne, Australia). Led by Jack Thomas, the United States poured in 70 goals in three games to win the championship with its closest competition coming against host Australia — a 20-14 victory.

No. Name Pos. College
1 Jack Thomas A Johns Hopkins
2 Jim Potter M Virginia
3 Pete Coy D Virginia
4 Tom Postel A C.W. Post
5 Doug Schreiber M Maryland
6 Jim Trenz A Cornell
8 Ted Bauer M Washington & Lee
9 Steve Schroeder M MIT
10 Richie Werner M Virginia
11 Rich Avena D Maryland
12 Bruce Arena M Cornell
13 Tom Duquette A Virginia
14 Alan Lowe A Maryland
15 Mike Thearle D Maryland
16 Ron Fraser M Syracuse
17 Rick Kowalchuk M Johns Hopkins
18 Mike Waldvogel D Cortland
19 Ed Haugevik D Rutgers
20 Stan Kowalski M Cortland
21 Frank Urso M Maryland
22 Bob Rule G Cornell
23 Pat O'Meally A Maryland
24 Bob Shaw M Cornell
25 Bruce Cohen A Cornell
26 Sterling Chadwick G Washington & Lee
34 Larry Story D Yale

Head Coach: Bud Beardmore
Assistant Coaches: Jack Emmer, Jack Kaley

1978 U.S. Men's Roster

The 1978 ILF World Championship in Manchester, England featured the biggest upset in the event’s history. The U.S. dominated Canada 28-4 in round-robin play, but in the championship match, Canada stunned the U.S. 17-16 in overtime. Stan Cockerton, who had played collegiate lacrosse in the U.S. at North Carolina State, had six goals and three assists to lead the Canadians to the improbable victory. At the time, it marked the only loss for the U.S. in the ILF championship.

1978 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. College
3 Rick Blick G Hobart
7 Dan Mackesey G Cornell
10 Dave Devine D Cornell
11 Chris Kane D Cornell
12 Tom Keigler D Washington & Lee
14 Dom Starsia D Brown
15 Dennis Townsend D Johns Hopkins
16 Mike Waldvogel* D Cortland
20 Bruce Arena* M Cornell
21 Jim Darcangelo M Towson
22 Bob Hendrickson M Cornell
23 Craig Jaeger M Cornell
25 Skip Lichtfuss M Washington & Lee
26 Billy Marino M Cornell
27 Phil Marino M Hofstra
28 Dave McNaney M Hobart
29 Doug Radebaugh M Maryland
41 Bob Griebe A Towson
42 Jeff Long A Navy
43 Eamon McEneaney A Cornell
44 Tom Postel* A C.W. Post
45 Dave Warfield A Washington & Lee

* Member of 1974 U.S. Men's National Team

Head Coach: Richie Moran
Assistant Coaches: Jerry Schmidt, Gene Fusting

1982 U.S. Men's Roster

The ILF event came to the United States for the first time in 1982 and the U.S. recaptured the championship trophy in Baltimore with a 22-14 victory over Australia. Vinnie Sombrotto, who would eventually play on four U.S. teams, was one of six U.S. players named to the inaugural All-World team.

1982 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. College
2 Tommy Sears G North Carolina
3 Bill Beroza G Roanoke
7 Mike O'Neill A Johns Hopkins
8 Billy Marino* M Cornell
9 Brooks Sweet A Massachusetts
10 Jeff Cook A Johns Hopkins
12 Vinnie Sombrotto M Hofstra
15 Mike Page M Pennsylvania
18 Tom Keigler* D Washington & Lee
19 Bob Engelke A Adelphi
20 Jim Darcangelo* M Towson
21 Bob Griebe* A Towson
22 Norm Engelke M Cornell
23 Gary Clipp D UMBC
24 Bob Hendrickson* M Cornell
25 Brendan Schneck  A Johns Hopkins
27 Jim Burke D Cortland
28 John Fay M New Hampshire
30 Doug Radebaugh* M Maryland
32 John Driscoll M Virginia
41 Joe Kovar D Adelphi
42 Chris Kane* D Cornell
44 Mark Greenberg D Johns Hopkins

* Member of 1978 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 1974 U.S. Men's National Team

Best Goalkeeper: Tommy Sears
Best Defender Mark Greenberg
Best Attackman Brooks Sweet
All-World Team Mark Greenberg, Chris Kane, Brendan Schneck, Tommy Sears, Vinny Sombrotto, Brooks Sweet

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Tom Flatley
Assistant Coaches: Willie Scroggs, Dave Urick

1986 U.S. Men's Roster

Canada served as host of the 1986 ILF championship in Toronto, Ontario and advanced to the final game before falling to the U.S. 18-9 for the title. Three-time U.S. team goalie Larry Quinn led a contingent of five U.S. players on the All-World team.

1986 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. College
2 John Tucker M Johns Hopkins
3 Randy Powers A Delaware
6 Roddy Marino A Virginia
8 George McGeeney D UMBC
9 Steve Byrne D Virginia
11 John Lamon A Maryland
12 Vinnie Sombrotto* M Hofstra
13 Jeff Long^ A Navy
14 Randy Natoli M Virginia
15 Brian Wood A Johns Hopkins
16 Todd Curry M Syracuse
18 Matt Crowley M Cornell
20 Jim Darcangelo*^ M Towson
21 Joey Seivold M North Carolina
22 Larry Quinn G Johns Hopkins
23 Dicky Grieves M Washington College
24 Norm Engelke* M Cornell
25 Brendan Schneck* A Johns Hopkins
27 Jim Burke* D Cortland
30 Brad Kotz M Syracuse
32 John Driscoll* M Virginia
33 John Krumenacker M Johns Hopkins
35 Randy Cox D North Carolina
40 John Griffin G Cornell
41 John DeTommaso D Johns Hopkins
44 Bob Vencak D Rutgers

* Member of 1982 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 1978 U.S. Men's National Team

Best Goalie: Larry Quinn
Best Defender: Jim Burke
Best Attackman: Roddy Marino
All-World Team: Jim Burke, Roddy Marino, Larry Quinn, John Tucker, Bob Vencak

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Dave Urick
Assistant Coaches: Don Zimmerman, Tom Postel

1990 U.S. Men's Roster

The 1990 ILF championship in Perth, Australia saw the first expansion of the event since its inception with the addition of the Iroquois Nationals to the field. The U.S. team came out on top with a 19-15 victory over Canada for the title while Dave Pietramala became the first U.S. team player to be named MVP of the event since Jack Thomas in 1974.

1990 U.S. Men's Roster

1Jeff JacksonMHampden-Sydney
2John Tucker*MJohns Hopkins
3Mike MorrillAJohns Hopkins
4Kevin CookACornell
6Roddy Marino*AVirginia
7Fred OpieDSyracuse
8George McGeeney*DUMBC
9Craig BubierAJohns Hopkins
10Matt Crowley*MCornell
12Vinnie Sombrotto*^MHofstra
13Mac FordANorth Carolina
14Randy Natoli*MVirginia
15Tim GoldsteinACornell
20Tim McInteeMC.W. Post
21Larry Quinn*GJohns Hopkins
22Sal LoCascioGMassachusetts
24Norm Engelke*^MCornell
25Glen MilesMNavy
27Bob Hendrickson^#MCornell
30Brad Kotz*MSyracuse
31Zack ColburnDPennsylvania
34Tony ReschDYale
40Paul SchimolerGCornell
41John DeTommaso*DJohns Hopkins
43Dave PietramalaDJohns Hopkins
44Steve MitchellDJohns Hopkins
 Jim Burke*^DCortland

* Member of 1986 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 1982 U.S. Men's National Team
# Member of 1978 U.S. Men's National Team

Best and Fairest Player: Dave Pietramala
Best Defender: Dave Pietramala
Best Midfielder: John Tucker
Best Attackman: Mac Ford
All-World Team: Mac Ford, Brad Kotz, Roddy Marino, Steve Mitchell, Dave Pietramala, John Tucker

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Arlyn Marshall
Assistant Coaches: Terry Corcoran, Mike Waldvogel

1994 U.S. Men's Roster

Japan joined the field for the 1994 championship in Manchester, England as the U.S. dominated the competition, including a 21-7 victory over Australia in the championship. Mark Millon set a U.S. team record with 41 points in the championship and the U.S. defense, anchored by future National Lacrosse Hall of Fame members John DeTommaso, Sal LoCascio and Pietramala, limited its seven opponents to just 44 goals.

1994 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. College
2 John Tucker*^ M Johns Hopkins
3 Mike Morrill* A Johns Hopkins
4 Kevin Cook* A Cornell
5 Brian Voelker D Johns Hopkins
6 Paul Schimoler* G Cornell
7 Scott Hiller A Massachusetts
9 Mark Millon A Massachusetts
10 Lindsay Dixon M Towson
12 Vinnie Sombrotto*^# M Hofstra
13 Bill Miller A Hobart
14 Todd Curry^ M Syracuse
16 Butch Marino M Delaware
17 David Morrow* D Princeton
19 Rob Shek M Towson
21 Larry Quinn*^ G Johns Hopkins
22 Sal LoCascio* G Massachusetts
23 Charlie Lockwood M Syracuse
25 Chris Flynn M Pennsylvania
28 Tony Millon M Towson
31 Zack Colburn* D Pennsylvania
33 Tim Soudan M Massachusetts
34 Joe Breschi D North Carolina
41 John DeTommaso*^ D Johns Hopkins
43 Dave Pietramala* D Johns Hopkins
44 Steve Mitchell* D Johns Hopkins
47 Ryan Wade M North Carolina

* Member of 1990 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 1986 U.S. Men's National Team
# Member of 1982 U.S. Men's National Team

Best and Fairest Player: Mark Millon
Best Goalie: Sal LoCascio
Best Defender: John DeTommaso
All-World Team: John DeTommaso, Sal Locascio, Mark Millon, Mike Morrill, Dave Pietramala

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Tony Seaman
Assistant Coaches: Fred Acee, Dave Cottle, Skip Lichtfuss

1998 U.S. Men's Roster

The 1998 championship returned to Baltimore with a record 11 nations competing. In a game referred to by some as the best game ever played, Canada rallied from an 11-1 deficit in the third quarter to force overtime before the U.S. eventually won, 15-14, before 10,793 fans at Homewood Field. LoCascio made a record 32 saves for the U.S., including five in the overtime period.

1998 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. College
2 Sal LoCascio*^ G Massachusetts
3 Bill Miller* A Hobart
4 Michael Watson A Virginia
6 Brian Voelker* D Johns Hopkins
7 Milford Marchant M Johns Hopkins
8 Joe Breschi* D North Carolina
9 Mark Millon* A Massachusetts
11 Kevin Finneran M Ohio Wesleyan 
12 Darren Lowe A Brown
13 Andy Ross M Navy
15 David Curry M Virginia
16 Jesse Hubbard A Princeton
17 David Morrow D Princeton
19 Rob Shek* M Towson
21 Greg Traynor M Virginia
22 Casey Powell A Syracuse
23 Charlie Lockwood* M Syracuse
24 Peter Jacobs M Johns Hopkins
25 Brian Dougherty G Maryland
26 Blake Miller M Hofstra
29 Pat McCabe D Syracuse
31 Zack Colburn*^ D Pennsylvania
33 Tim Soudan* M Massachusetts
40 Reid Jackson D Rutgers
41 John DeTommaso*^# D Johns Hopkins
47 Ryan Wade* M North Carolina

* Member of 1994 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 1990 U.S. Men's National Team
# Member of 1986 U.S. Men's National Team

Best and Fairest Player: Ryan Wade
Best Defender: Brian Voelker Best Attackman: Mark Millon All-World Team: Darren Lowe, Mark Millon, David Morrow, Brian Voelker, Ryan Wade

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Bill Tierney (Princeton)
Assistant Coaches: Bill Beroza, Jeff Long, Paul Wehrum

2002 U.S. Men's Team

The U.S. entered the 2002 championship (14 nations competing) in Perth, Australia, playing the rare role of underdog. With so many of the nation’s top players choosing to play in the newly-formed Major League Lacrosse, the U.S. roster was a collection of primarily college players or recent college graduates. Darren Lowe, the lone returning player from the 1998 U.S. team, provided leadership and a team-high 30 points while Doug Shanahan earned MVP honors following a four-goal performance in an 18-15 victory over Canada for the title.

2002 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. College
4 Michael Law M Denver
5 Tim Schurr D Washington & Lee
6 Ryan Mollett D Princeton
8 Kevin Lavey M Delaware
9 Matt Striebel M Princeton
11 Scott Doyle M Georgetown
12 Darren Lowe* A Brown
13 Trevor Tierney G Princeton
14 Ryan Boyle A Princeton
16 Kevin Lowe A Princeton
17 Bobby Benson A Johns Hopkins
18 John Glatzel D Syracuse
19 Steve Dusseau M Georgetown
22 Michael Powell A Syracuse
23 Josh Coffman A/M Syracuse
24 Scott Bross M Duke
25 Chris LaMonica G Hartford
26 Doug Shanahan M Hofstra
27 Todd Rassas D Notre Dame
32 Kevin Cassese M Duke
34 Ryan McClay D Cornell
42 Mike Howley D Maryland
43 Tim Knowles D Duke
  Andy Ross* M Navy

* Member of 1998 U.S. Men's National Team

Best Goalie: Trevor Tierney
Best Defender: Ryan McClay
Best Midfielder: Doug Shanahan
All-World Team: Darren Lowe, Ryan McClay, Ryan Mollett, Doug Shanahan, Trevor Tierney

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Jack Emmer (Army)
Assistant Coaches: Ron Fraser (Brine LC), Mike Pressler (Duke), Ray Rostan (Hampden-Sydney)

2006 U.S. Team Roster

Canada ended the U.S. stranglehold in 2006, winning on its home soil (London, Ontario) by a 15-10 score. Twenty-one nations competed in the event and the U.S. was undefeated heading into the championship game by virtue of a wild 13-12 victory over Canada in round-robin play. Canada won 20 of 28 faceoffs in the championship game to help wrap up the victory. Jay Jalbert was named the outstanding midfielder at the championships and was joined on the all-world team by Michael Powell and John Gagliardi.

2006 U.S. Men's Roster

No. Name Pos. Current Team College
1 Ryan Powell A San Francisco Dragons Syracuse '00
3 Roy Colsey M Philadelphia Barrage Syracuse '95
4 Kyle Sweeney D Philadelphia Barrage Georgetown '03
5 Paul Cantabene M Philadelphia Barrage Loyola '93
6 Ryan Curtis D Boston Cannons Virginia '00
7 Michael Powell* A Boston Cannons Syracuse '04
9 Matt Striebel* M Philadelphia Barrage Princeton '01
10 Jay Jalbert M Long Island Lizards Virginia '00
11 John Gagliardi D Long Island Lizards Johns Hopkins '97
12 A.J. Haugen M New Jersey Pride Johns Hopkins '00
13 Trevor Tierney* G Denver Outlaws Princeton '01
14 Ryan Boyle* A Philadelphia Barrage Princeton '04
15 Chris Garrity G Boston Cannons Penn State '03
17 Joe Walters A Rochester Rattlers Maryland '06
18 Kyle Harrison M New Jersey Pride Johns Hopkins '05
21 Blake Miller* M Long Island Lizards Hofstra '96
22 Casey Powell^ A Rochester Rattlers Syracuse '98
26 Doug Shanahan* M Chicago Machine Hofstra '01
27 Todd Rassas* D Chicago Machine Notre Dame '98
29 Pat McCabe^ D Long Island Lizards Syracuse '91
30 Scott Urick A New Jersey Pride  Georgetown '00
37 Christian Cook D Baltimore Bayhawks Princeton '98
41 Nicky Polanco D Long Island Lizards Hofstra '02
44 Kevin Cassese* M Rochester Rattlers Duke '03

* Member of 2002 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 1998 U.S. Men's National Team

Best Midfielder: Jay Jalbert
All-World Team: John Gagliardi, Jay Jalbert, Michael Powell

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: John Desko (Syracuse)
Assistant Coaches: Mike Caravana (Woodberry Forest), Matt Kerwick (Hobart), Scott Marr (Albany)

2010 U.S. Men's Roster

After dropping a pool play decision for the first time in tournament history (to Canada), Team USA avenged the loss and regained the gold with a 12-10 championship game victory over the Canadians in Manchester, England. Ned Crotty, the lone collegian on the U.S. squad, scored the game-winner, and MVP Paul Rabil was among six Americans named to the All-World team.


No. Name Pos. Current Team College
2 Brendan Mundorf A Denver Outlaws UMBC '06
4 Joe Cinosky D Chesapeake Bayhawks Maryland '09
5 Eric Martin D Denver Outlaws Salisbury '04
6 Brian Dougherty # G GMH Lacrosse Club Maryland '96
7 Kyle Sweeney* D Boston Cannons Georgetown '03
9 Matt Striebel*^ M Machine Princeton '01
10 Matt Zash M Long Island Lizards Duke '06
11 Alex Smith M Chesapeake Bayhawks Delaware '07
12 Ned Crotty M Machine Duke '10
14 Ryan Boyle*^ A Boston Cannons Princeton '04
20 Stephen Peyser M Long Island Lizards Johns Hopkins '08
21 Kyle Dixon M Chesapeake Bayhawks Virginia '06
22 Ryan Powell* A Team Rhino Syracuse '00
25 Chris Schiller M SCOG Penn State '99
26 Drew Westervelt A Denver Outlaws UMBC '07
27 Shawn Nadelen D Chesapeake Bayhawks Johns Hopkins '01
32 Kevin Cassese*^ M Brooklyn Lacrosse Club Duke '03
34 Ryan McClay^ D Boston Cannons Cornell '03
36 DJ Driscoll D Machine Notre Dame '06
42 Max Seibald M Denver Outlaws Cornell '09
44 Adam Fullerton G Denver Outlaws Army '08
91 Mike Leveille A Machine Syracuse '08
99 Paul Rabil M Boston Cannons Johns Hopkins '08


No. Name Pos. Current Team College
3 Matt Abbott M Chesapeake Bayhawks Syracuse '09
19 Kevin Leveille A Machine Massachusetts '03
29 Lee Zink D Denver Outlaws Maryland '04
80 Parker McKee D Long Island Lizards Duke '10

* Member of 2006 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 2002 U.S. Men's National Team
# Member of 1998 U.S. Men's National Team

Captains: Kevin Cassese, Ryan Powell
MVP: Paul Rabil
Best Midfielder: Paul Rabil
All-World Team: Brendan Mundorf, Mike Leveille, Paul Rabil, Max Seibald, Kyle Sweeney, Ryan McClay

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Mike Pressler (Bryant)
Assistant Coaches: Joe Alberici (Army), Tony Resch (Long Island Lizards), Rick Sowell (Stony Brook)
Faceoff Consultant: Paul Cantabene (Stevenson)

2014 U.S. Men's Roster

A record 34 nations competed in the first American-hosted men's senior world lacrosse history held away from the East Coast and Canada beat the host Americans 8-5 before a large crowd at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver. Tucker Durkin (defense), Rob Pannell (attack) and Paul Rabil (midfield) were each named the outstanding player at their position and were joined on the All-World team by David Lawson.

2014 U.S. Men's Roster

No. First Last Position Ht. Wt. Current Team College
1 Marcus Holman A 5'10 185 Ohio Machine North Carolina
2 Brendan Mundorf * A 5'11 200 Chesapeake Bayhawks UMBC
3 Matt Abbott M 6'2 185 Chesapeake Bayhawks Syracuse
4 Dan Burns M 6'1 185 Chesapeake Bayhawks Maryland
9 Garrett Thul A 6'4 240 Florida Launch Army
14 Drew Adams G 6'2 200 New York Lizards Penn State
18 Kyle Harrison ^ M 6'1 200 Ohio Machine Johns Hopkins
19 Kevin Leveille A 5'10 190 Rochester Rattlers Massachusetts
21 Mitch Beslisle D 5'10 195 Boston Cannons Cornell
22 Ned Crotty * A 6'2 185 New York Lizards Duke
24 Chris Eck FO 6' 215 Boston Cannons Colgate
27 Kevin Buchanan M 5'10 185 Boston Cannons Ohio State
29 Lee Zink D 6'3 195 Denver Outlaws Maryland
31 David Lawson M 6'1 200 Rochester Rattlers Duke
32 Rob Pannell A 5'9 195 New York Lizards Cornell
33 Michael Evans D 6' 220 Chesapeake Bayhawks Johns Hopkins
36 Jesse Bernhardt D 6' 195 Chesapeake Bayhawks Maryland
42 Max Seibald * M 6'1 215 New York Lizards Cornell
51 Tucker Durkin D 6'2 210 Florida Launch Johns Hopkins
81 Kyle Hartzell D 6'1 205 New York Lizards Salisbury
91 Jesse Schwartzman G 6' 220 Denver Outlaws Johns Hopkins
98 Greg Gurenlian FO 6'1 225 New York Lizards Penn State
99 Paul Rabil * M 6'3 220 Boston Cannons Johns Hopkins


* Member of 2010 U.S. Men's National Team
^ Member of 2006 U.S. Men's National Team

Captain: Kevin Leveille
Outstanding Attackman: Rob Pannell
Outstanding Midfielder: Paul Rabil
Outstanding Defender: Tucker Durkin
All-World Team: Tucker Durkin, David Lawson, Rob Pannell, Paul Rabil


No. Name Pos. Current Team College
6 Steele Stanwick A Ohio Machine Virginia '12
15 John Galloway G Rochester Rattlers Syracuse '11

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Richie Meade (Furman)
Assistant Coaches: Kevin Cassese (Lehigh), Dave Pietramala (Johns Hopkins), Jeff Tambroni (Penn State)

2018 U.S. Men's Roster

The U.S. reclaimed the world championship with one of the most thrilling endings in the event's history. The U.S. team's Tom Schreiber scored with just one second remaining on the clock for a 9-8 victory over Canada in Netanya, Israel. Longstick midfielder Michael Ehrhardt was named the tournament MVP and was joined on the All-World team by Ryan Brown, Schreiber and Rob Pannell.

2018 U.S. Men's Team Roster

No First Last Position MLL Team College Hometown
9 Trevor Baptiste FO n/a Denver '18 Denville, N.J.
12 Jake Bernhardt SSDM Ohio Maryland '12 Longwood, Fla.
36 Jesse Bernhardt D Chesapeake Maryland '13 Longwood, Fla.
4 Ryan Brown A Charlotte Johns Hopkins '16 Sykesville, Md.
22 Ned Crotty A Dallas Duke '10 New Vernon, N.J.
40 Matt Danowski A Chesapeake Duke '07 Farmingdale, N.Y.
  *Steve DeNapoli SSDM New York Hofstra '11 Hewlett, N.Y.
51 Tucker Durkin D Florida Johns Hopkins '13 Huntingdon Valley, Pa.
28 Michael Ehrhardt LSM Charlotte Maryland '14 Westbury, N.Y.
17 Joe Fletcher D New York Loyola '14 Syracuse, N.Y.
15 John Galloway G Dallas Syracuse '11 Syracuse, N.Y.
32 Greg Gurenlian FO New York Penn State '06 Springfield, Pa.
81 Kyle Hartzell LSM New York Salisbury '08 Dundalk, Md.
26 John Haus M Charlotte Maryland '13 Lutherville, Md.
6 Will Haus SSDM Charlotte Duke '15 Palmyra, Pa.
1 Marcus Holman A Ohio North Carolina '13 Baltimore, Md.
91 Jack Kelly G Denver Brown '16 West Islip, N.Y.
3 Rob Pannell A New York Cornell '13 Smithtown, N.Y.
99 Paul Rabil M New York Johns Hopkins '08 Gaithersburg, Md.
13 Tom Schreiber M Ohio Princeton '14 East Meadow, N.Y.
23 Drew Snider M Denver Maryland '12 Seattle, Wash.
33 Kevin Unterstein SSDM New York Hofstra '08 Shoreham, N.Y.
11 Joel White LSM Dallas Syracuse '11 Cortland
31 Jordan Wolf A Dallas Duke '14 Wynnewood, Pa.

* - Injured. Unable to participate.

MVP: Michael Ehrhardt
Outstanding Midfielder: Tom Schreiber
Outstanding Defender: Michael Ehrhardt
All-World Team: Ryan Brown, Michael Ehrhardt, Rob Pannell, Tom Schreiber


Head Coach: John Danowski (Duke)
Assistant Coaches: Joe Amplo (Marquette), Tony Resch (LaSalle College), Seth Tierney (Hofstra)

2023 U.S. Men's Roster

2023 usa men team photo

The U.S. won its second consecutive world championship, defeating Canada 10-7 behind a five-goal performance from Brennan O'Neill, the youngest player on the team, at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego. O'Neill, a rising senior at Duke, was named the tournament MVP and was joined on the All-World team by JT Giles-Harris, Blaze Riorden and Michael Sowers.

2023 U.S. Men's Team Roster

NamePositionPro Team(s)College
Trevor BaptisteFOAtlas/PhiladelphiaDenver '18
Jesse BernhardtDChromeMaryland '13
Charlie BertrandA/MRedwoods/Las VegasMerrimack '20/Virginia (Gr.)
Liam ByrnesLSMWaterdogs/Panther CityMarquette '16
Ryan ConradMWaterdogsVirginia '19
Matthew DunnDWhipsnakesMaryland '16
Michael EhrhardtLSMWhipsnakesMaryland '14
JT Giles-HarrisDChromeDuke '21
Zach GoodrichSSDMCannonsTowson '19
TD IerlanFORedwoods/TorontoYale '20/Denver (Gr.)
Connor KellyMWaterdogs/AlbanyMaryland '18
Jack KellyGRedwoodsBrown '16
Danny LoganSSDMAtlas/San DiegoDenver '21
Kieran McArdleAWaterdogs/AlbanySt. John's 14
Brennan O'NeillA/M Duke '24
Rob PannellARedwoodsCornell '13
Matt RamboAWhipsnakes/PhiladelphiaMaryland '17
Jacob RichardSSDMAtlasMarquette '16
Blaze RiordenGChaos/PhiladelphiaAlbany '16
Jack RowlettDChaosNorth Carolina '19
Tom SchreiberMArchers/TorontoPrinceton '14
Michael SowersA/MWaterdogsPrinceton '20/Duke (Gr.)
Ryan TerefenkoSSDMChrome/HalifaxOhio State '21

MVP: Brennan O'Neill
Outstanding Attackman: Brennan O'Neill
Outstanding Goaltender: Blaze Riorden
All-World Team: JT Giles-Harris, Brennan O'Neill, Blaze Riorden, Michael Sowers


Head Coach: John Danowski (Duke)  
Assistant Coaches: Joe Amplo (Navy), Seth Tierney (Hofstra), Charley Toomey (Loyola)

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