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U.S. Women's Player Pool

U.S. Women's Team Player Pool

The following individuals have participated in U.S. women's team event since the 2017 World Lacrosse championship or have been selected to the most recent U.S. team tryout.

Name Pos College
Madison Ahern A Notre Dame '23
Andie Aldave M Notre Dame '21
Sam Apuzzo A Boston College '19
Dempsey Arsenault M Boston College '19
Alex Aust A Maryland '13
Kasey Behr M Virginia '18
Angie Benson G Virginia Tech '21
Rebecca Block D Syracuse '13
Sarah Brown D Colorado '18
Mackenzie Burns D Stony Brook '19
Ally Carey M Vanderbilt '12
Kristen Carr D North Carolina '10
Samantha Chenoweth D Towson '20
Lizzie Colson D Maryland '20
Kate Copeland D Northwestern '21
Taylor Cummings M Maryland '16
Katie Detwiler D Loyola '22
Sophia DiCenso M Richmond '23
Marge Donovan D Princeton '22
Kelsey Donnelly G Towson '15
Molly Dougherty G James Madison '21
Megan Douty D Maryland '15
Katrina Dowd A Northwestern '10
Molly Garrett M Michigan '20
Kristen Gaudian A James Madison '18
Samantha Giacolone G Notre Dame '19
Lauren Gilbert A Northwestern '21
Jen Giles M Maryland '19
Kelly Glatthorn D Virginia Tech '18
Brooke Griffin A Maryland '15
Charlotte Haggerty M James Madison '21
Katie Haus M Maryland '13
Emily Hawryschuk A Syracuse '20
Molly Hendrick A North Carolina '17
Katie Hoeg A North Carolina '21
Liz Hogan G Syracuse '11
Maddie Howe A Notre Dame '21
Kelsey Huff M USC '21
Amanda Johansen M USC '16
Gussie Johns G USC '18
Ally Kennedy M Stony Brook '20
Kenzie Kent M Boston College '19
Maddie Lesher D Loyola '16
Molly Little D Denver '20
Ellie Masera M Stony Brook '24
Marie McCool M North Carolina '18
Alice Mercer D Maryland '16
Kerrigan Miller M USC '20 / North Carolina (grad)
Amy Moreau M Massachusetts '22
Taylor Moreno G North Carolina '21
Sammy Mueller M Virginia '20 / Northwestern (grad)
Courtney Murphy A Stony Brook '18
Charlotte North A Boston College '21
Katie O'Donnell D Penn State '18
Kylie Ohlmiller A Stony Brook '18
Jamie Ortega A North Carolina '21
Ally Palermo D Northwestern '21
Emily Parros M North Carolina '13
Shayna Pirreca M Florida '18
Sydney Pirreca M Florida '19
Elena Romesburg M James Madison '18
Livy Rosenzweig A Loyola '21
Izzy Scane A Northwestern '22
Caroline Sdanowich D James Madison '19
Sloan Serpe D North Carolina '14
Kelsey Sheridan D Massachusetts '14
Danielle Spencer M Northwestern '10
Zoe Stukenberg M Maryland '17
Megan Taylor G Maryland '19
Kayla Treanor A Syracuse '16
Emma Trenchard D North Carolina '21
Michelle Tumolo A Syracuse '13
Dorrien Van Dyke M Stony Brook '17
Courtney Waite D North Carolina '15
Haley Warden M James Madison '18
Caylee Waters G North Carolina '17




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