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USA Lacrosse Youth Nationals Rules

All games will be in accordance with USA Lacrosse Rules


Teams are guaranteed four (4) games, including 3 pool play games.

Teams will be seeded for bracket play based on their results in pool play based on the following criteria: 

  1. Record
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Total Goals Allowed
  4. Total Goal Differential
  5. Goals Scored

*In the event of a three (3) way tie or more, in which the tied teams did not play each other, Criteria 2. Head-to-head, does not apply.  Therefore, after 1. Record, the next criteria used will be 3. Total Goals Allowed and so forth, down the criteria list.

**If any games are forfeited, the Total Goals Allowed will be calculated by averaging the Goals Allowed in the actual games played and adding that to the Total Goals Allowed for each forfeited game, for the team that won by forfeit.

Girls Timing Rules
Pool Play
  • Two 20-minute running halves with 3-minutes between halves.
  • Central horn for pool play.
  • No Timeouts during pool play.
  • Play Out Free Position Shots: if there is a foul in the 8M, where a free position shot is awarded and the final whistle of the half or game is blown, the free position shot will be awarded as one shot, no passes, no follow up shots.
  • Ties in Pool Play: If at the end of regulation play, a game is tied, teams will play a sudden victory period of up to 3 minutes in length to determine a winner.  If the game is still tied at the end of the sudden victory period, the game will end in a tie. 
  • Per US Lacrosse Rules: 15U (Rising HS Sophomores) and 14U (Rising HS Freshman) will play with full checking for the duration of the tournament.  13U (Rising 8th Graders) will play with Transitional Checking for the duration of the tournament.
Bracket Play & Consolation Play
  • Two 22-minute running halves with 3-minutes between halves. The game clocks will be held at each field.
  • The clock will stop at or under 2-minutes in each half
  • The clock will stop in each whistle during the last 2 (two) minutes of each half.
  • If at the 2 (two) minutes or under time period for either half of the game and a team has a lead of 10 goals or more, then the game clock will remain a 'Running Clock'.  If the score changes and is less than a 10 goal differential at any point during the final 2-minutes of either half, the clock goes back to 'Stop Clock'. 
  • One (1), 1-minute time-out per game (the clock will stop); this does not roll over to OT. There will be no timeouts in overtime.
  • Overtime to be decided by sudden victory. OT will have a 'Running Clock' on all whistles. First goal scored wins the game.