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Women’s club level lacrosse has been played at many universities and colleges across the country for many years with nothing to play for except purely the love of the women’s game of Lacrosse. In 2001, thanks to the hard work of many and the incredible vision of a former University of North Carolina Women’s Club lacrosse player, Jenn Eames, the Women’s Division of Intercollegiate Athletics along with a National Championship was formed. The sport at this Club level continues to grow and teams are continuing to strive to get to the next level.

The Jenn Eames Team Award was created to honor a team that is working hard to bring their team to the next level. The next level to this team may mean:

  1. Finally getting a coach or some other guidance to enter more into a national picture.
  2. Doing the fundraising necessary to travel to play teams out of their area.
  3. Finding a way to get field space every day of the week during the season or
  4. Actually having fall practices and games which the team has never been able to do in the past.

The Jenn Eames Team Award was also created to honor a team that while striving to make their own team stronger, they are also striving to make lacrosse stronger within their community. That could mean that players on the team are working to be involved with increasing interest in lacrosse if they are in an area of the country where not much lacrosse is being played or the players may be involved in coaching or officiating youth lacrosse or running youth lacrosse clinics or recruiting adults to officiate the women’s game.

The basic qualification to be considered for this award is:
The Club must be recognized at the school in the club or recreation department, or a significant case should be made for why it is not (i.e., some schools require a couple of years of organization prior to club recognition). Provide explanation below if not recognized by your school.

Please answer the following questions below in 150 words or less:

The Team that is the recipient of this award will receive Five Hundred Dollars ($500) to use to achieve their goals. Additional awards as available.

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