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Women's Eyewear

Points of Emphasis

  • Protective eyewear use is required in girls' and women's lacrosse.
  • Protective eyewear equipment must meet the current ASTM standard.
  • All women’s headgear products that include integrated eyewear must also meet the ASTM eyewear standard, F3077, in addition to the ASTM headgear standard, F3137.​
  • All protective eyewear that has been certified by SEI and is legal for play is listed on the SEI website
  • There must be marking on both the packaging and product that states that the eyewear conforms to ASTM standard F3077. 

    Certified Model (ASTM F3077)


  • Questions regarding the compliance of specific headgear models that include integrated eyewear should be directed to the manufacturers. The primary manufacturers of integrated headgear are: Cascade (1-800-537-1702) and Hummingbird (1-888-501-1590).
  • For U14 players who need to wear personal corrective eyewear, please email for guidance on options.