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| Feb 06, 2024

Flex6 Lacrosse® Offers Fast-Paced, Non-Contact Version of the Game

By Paul Ohanian | Photo by John Strohsacker

In an effort to keep expanding the sport of lacrosse and appealing to new participants, several years ago USA Lacrosse began thinking outside of the traditional parameters of the game. 

The goal was to find a slightly modified version of the sport that can help remove some of the most commonly cited barriers to participation, such as cost, access, field space, and qualified coaching.  

In 2020, USA Lacrosse unveiled its small-sided version of the game, called Flex6 Lacrosse®. Flex6 represents the foundational small-sided game with no protective equipment needed. And as the name suggests, Flex6 is FLEXIBLE.

Fundamentally, Flex6 is lacrosse played by fewer members on each team and on a smaller field.  It can be played up to 6v6 (ideal), but as few as 3v3, or anything in between. It can be played mixed or single gender. It can be officiated formally or self-officiated. Ultimately, all that’s needed is a small group of players, a space that is about ¼ the size of a regulation field, a lacrosse stick, and the appropriate ball. 

Flex6 still involves the basic skills associated with the traditional version of the game – passing, shooting, scooping, cradling – but offers many alternatives that further ease the entry into participation for newcomers of all ages.  All players are considered field players and there is no goalie position.

While being an option for players of all ages, the roots of Flex6 were inspired by the lacrosse athlete development model and its six core values, with a particular focus on the values of small-sided play, fun and kid-centered, and age appropriateness and inclusivity.

To learn more about Flex6 Lacrosse or to access the rules and guidelines, please click here.