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| Feb 21, 2023

Questions & Answers on the 2023 Girls' High School Rules

By USA Lacrosse | Photo by John Strohsacker

The 2023 girls' high school lacrosse season is beginning to gear up in various parts of the country, and it appears that some of you have questions about the rules.  Well, our USA Lacrosse rules experts are glad to help.

Our newest FAQ document addresses some of the main questions we are getting about the girls' high school rules, and seeks to provide additional clarification regarding pocket depth on the crosse, play on the draw, self starts in the critical scoring area, alternate possessions, and more.

The FAQ (in PDF format) can be accessed here

Sportsmanship, knowledge of the rules, and dangerous use of stick are the points of emphasis at both the high school and youth levels of play for 2023.

There are additional rules resources, free of charge, available on the USA Lacrosse web site at