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| May 21, 2024

True Lacrosse and USA Lacrosse Strengthen Partnership

By Brian Logue | Photo Courtesy of True Lacrosse

Over the last several years, True Lacrosse has evolved into one of the largest organizations in the sport. True Lacrosse now has more than 500 teams in 23 states – stretching from coast to coast.

But True Lacrosse doesn’t want to just grow; it wants to do it the right way and constantly evaluates its operations. Since their grassroots-start in Chicago, Co-founders Jake Deane and Mike Gabel – both former professional lacrosse players – have focused on growing the base of the sport by partnering with local communities, which ultimately funnel up to True Lacrosse’s travel teams, events, and camps. In recent years, True Lacrosse has continued to expand its relationship with USA Lacrosse.

“They’ve really been in lock step with what we do,” said Lou Corsetti, regional director for USA Lacrosse. “Their club programs are now fully aligned with our membership program, and they’ve embraced our new coaching pathways with their coaches.”

The partnership began through the Illinois Boys’ Lacrosse Association (IBLA), a youth league comprising more than 4,000 players in 43 programs. Gabel is the president of the IBLA. The league has been a part of USA Lacrosse’s membership program and has welcomed USA Lacrosse staff members to its annual coaching convention for the last three years.

“They do a great job of offering opportunities for new coaches and for the experienced coaches,” said Matt Burke, Midwest regional manager for USA Lacrosse. “From the basic mechanics of how to hold a stick up to more experienced game-play situations, there’s something for everyone. The focus on the coaches ultimately benefits the players.”

The players are who True Lacrosse aims to serve, and education and training are core components of achieving that mission. The organization has more than 100 full-time coaches and directors on its staff. It also has recruiting advisors and additional support staff to cover all areas of the lacrosse experience. True Lacrosse has sent many of its players on to play college lacrosse, but there is more to the program than just that goal for elite players.

“We want to be a one-stop shop for your lacrosse experience – from youth all the way through high school,” said Dan Forsyth, chief executive officer of True Lacrosse. “Our model allows us to meet players where they are in their development, and every coach at True Lacrosse – whether they are working with our local youth teams or a high school state team – is providing the same level of attention, coaching, and support.”

Despite having a national footprint, True Lacrosse has a local mindset. They host programs in major cities – each with its own director – offering convenient access to training and practices for families.

By providing local programming in cities and suburbs throughout the country, True Lacrosse is giving players of all ages and skill levels expanded opportunities to play lacrosse. Their continued investment in the infrastructure has broadened the scope of their reach, helping each family find the right fit for their child’s level of play and development.

In addition to adding the USA Lacrosse membership program to its club and travel teams, True Lacrosse has also adopted using the USA Lacrosse age-verification service for its teams ahead of the summer tournament season. Gabel sees age verification as a positive step for the lacrosse landscape.

“We’re embracing everything USA Lacrosse has to offer,” said Gabel. “We see real benefits in the future and in the growth of our sport by supporting USA Lacrosse.”

True Lacrosse

As tryout season approaches for 2024-2025, True Lacrosse is hosting tryouts and evaluations in all markets nationwide. For more information about True Lacrosse and their upcoming tryouts, please visit