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| Feb 09, 2024

USA Lacrosse Expands Age Verification Program

By USA Lacrosse Staff | Photo by Shutterstock

USA Lacrosse is proud to announce an expansion of its age verification program to encompass all players as a part of the member onboarding journey. This member benefit is free of charge and is a one-time process that will remain valid as long as the player maintains an active USA Lacrosse membership.

As passionate advocates for the growth and safety of the sport, USA Lacrosse understands the importance of accurate age verification for players at all levels. Trusted age verification elevates the lacrosse experience for everyone, bringing peace of mind while promoting a safe and fair player experience.

Leagues, tournaments and events that utilize the USA Lacrosse age verification service are able to segment by age, facilitating:

  • Improved fairness and competitive integrity 
  • Enhanced safety 
  • Simplified administration

With these benefits in mind, USA Lacrosse will be begin requiring age verification during the join and renew process starting July 1, 2024, but members are free to begin this process today.

Visit the age verification page for additional details about the program.