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Health & Safety
| Apr 16, 2024

USA Lacrosse’s Medical Partner MedStar Health Launches Podcast Series

By Paul Ohanian

Covering a wide gamut of topics, ranging from overcoming injuries to strength & conditioning, USA Lacrosse’s official medical partner, MedStar Health, has released a new educational podcast series focused on lacrosse sports medicine. The six-part series is available to health professionals and the general public, free of charge.

Rebecca Schumer, PT, DPT, a program specialist with MedStar Health, serves as host for the Let’s Get Physical Therapy podcast series.

“The podcast aims to educate physical therapists and health professionals on various topics related to our field, but I think this information can benefit others as well,” Schumer said.  “This series seeks to scratch the surface of what goes into to treating the lacrosse athlete, reducing the risk of injury, and optimizing how we help keep lacrosse athletes healthy.”

The six topics discussed in the podcast series are:

● Physical Therapy for the Lacrosse Athlete  - Corrine Etchison, PT 
● The Importance of Athletic Training in Lacrosse - Kellie Loehr, ATC 
● An Orthopedic Surgeon’s Perspective on Lacrosse - Richard Hinton, MD 
● Strength & Conditioning for the Lacrosse Athlete - Jay Dyer, CSCS 
● Back Injuries in the Lacrosse Athlete - Seyed Babak Kalantar, MD 
● USA Lacrosse’s Center for Sports Science & Safety - Jason Vescovi, PhD

“We covered a wide array of topics in this series, but it's certainly not all encompassing,” Schumer said. “Our guests all brought great knowledge and expertise, and all of these conversations can certainly be expanded further.”

Access the full podcast series here.

“At USA Lacrosse, we always try to put the athlete first,” said CEO Marc Riccio, “and MedStar Health does the same. The athlete is at the tip of the pyramid.”

As the biggest provider of sports medicine services in the Mid-Atlantic region, MedStar Health also serves as the trusted medical provider with many of the region’s professional sports teams, including the Ravens, Orioles, Capitals and Wizards, as well as local colleges and universities.

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