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| Sep 27, 2023

National Celebrate Lacrosse Week Features 100 Pick Up & Play Events

By USA Lacrosse Staff | Photo by Craig Rennie

SPARKS, Md. — The third annual National Celebrate Lacrosse Week – set for Nov. 4-12, 2023 – will feature approximately 100 Pick Up & Play events that will introduce new players to the sport. The clinics are spread across 32 states and will involve USA Lacrosse working with 80 local lacrosse organizations to help provide pathways for players to continue exploring the sport.

Thanks to the generous support of donors to the USA Lacrosse Foundation, Pick Up & Play clinics are completely free for participants and all equipment needed to participate will be provided. Clinics generally last 90 minutes to two hours and are designed for players with no previous lacrosse experience. The clinics utilize stations to learn various lacrosse skills with lots of fun activities incorporated.

Part of this initiative is to make the sport of lacrosse more welcoming, diverse and inclusive. We welcome all individuals from every walk of life to come and experience a sport that has so much opportunity for all youth.

Over the last two years, USA Lacrosse has had more than 5,200 new players introduced to the sport just through the Pick Up & Play clinics held in conjunction with National Celebrate Lacrosse Week. We look forward to welcoming thousands more to the lacrosse family this year.

In addition to the Pick Up & Play clinics, USA Lacrosse will share opportunities for existing players to show their love for the sport through social media campaigns during National Celebrate Lacrosse Week. Follow the USA Lacrosse social media channels on Facebook (@usalacrosse), Instagram (@uslacrosse) X/Twitter (@usa_lacrosse), Tik Tok (@usa_lacrosse), and YouTube (usalacrosse). We look forward to everyone getting involved and helping us grow this great game.

About USA Lacrosse

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